WHY US - 10 cause EuroClean-companie de cleaning(curațenie)№1 Moldova,Chișinau

WHY US - 10 cause

It is EASY and SIMPLE with us:

Shifting the care for property on the cleaning company, the customer can focus on his business. No need to seek a cleaning staff, to monitor its work, to examine the technical parameters of the equipment, always to remember restocking of chemicals;

It is PROFITABLE with us:

The costs for services provided by the cleaning company are deducted from taxable income. When ordering in our company the daily cleaning services, you withdraw from your budget the following cost-based articles: direct taxes of deductions from salary; VAT compensation, payment of sick leaves; purchase of cleaning products; equipment and other consumable supplies.

It is QUICKLY with us:

In record time the company Euro will execute your orders and requests. Our company will be glad to start cooperation with new customers at any time!

It is RELIABILE with us:

We practice the personnel outstaffing. This means that at your wish we can keep the former employees at the facility, if they meet our criteria. The employees will remain a part of the former team, but the personnel records management will be carried out by our company.

We provide high QUALITY:

The Company EuroClean strives to grow at the level of increasing requirements for the quality of its cleaning services. We regularly introduce new technologies and we are constantly engaged in the improving of our employees’ skills and abilities. We work exclusively on trust: you pay for the provided services only after you appreciate the quality of done work.

It is SECURE with us:

You can be sure that from your office or house nothing will disappear. Our company carries out strict personnel instruction and testing. Many employees, who are working with us more than a year, have proven to be reliable. In any case, the responsibility for the cleanliness and honesty of our staff is up to us. The item about confidentiality and safety is specified in the contract for services provision.

It is COMFORTABLE with us:

Our Company has a wide experience in dealing with facilities and territories of any size and complexity. We undertake the cares related to all types of cleaning.

It is EFFECTIVE with us:

The daily complex cleaning of premises and territories - our strong point, while other miscellaneous cleaning services allow to satisfy almost any requirements. In addition to professional cleaning the company EuroClean provides services for dry cleaning of furniture and carpets, cleaning of windows and facades, cleaning and improvement of the adjacent territory.

It is COST-EFFECTIVE with us:

The use of special technology when cleaning allows postponing the cosmetic repairs for a long term. (The term of exploitation of rooms, floors, and upholstered furniture is increasing by at least 30%)

It is PRESTIGIOUS with us:

The prestige of your company will be supported, because in your premises there will work hard working, tidy and polite cleaners of the company EuroClean.


As you know, chemicals adversely affect the environment and human health. Our company has recently introduced in its activity new environmental technologies. This is a new generation of cleaning products that do not contain chemicals, are absolutely safe for the health of our employees and customers.