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Washing of windows, shop-windows, facades

The problem of windows washing is what all the inhabitants of big cities are facing. The facades of buildings in which we live and work are becoming very quickly dirty. This also applies to windows. If you live in an apartment building then the dust and dirt formed on glasses because of precipitations and exhaust fumes can greatly spoil the view through the window. Instead of enjoying a beautiful view over a cup of morning tea or coffee, you’ll see stains and dirty glass, which is unlikely to improve your mood. But if you are a businessman, then your office is your business card a part of your image in the eyes of existing and potential customers. And how can an office be attractive if its windows are dirty? How many customers would like to come into an unattractive shop with semitransparent grayish shop-windows?

If it is to mention about an office or shop, then it is unlikely if your charwoman will be able to perform a quality washing of windows and shop-windows with improvised means.                                                                                                       

  Windows washing includes:

 - washing of glass surfaces on the inside and street sides;
- washing of frames, spaces between the frames;
- washing of  window sills and street slopes;
- removal of  sticky tape, heat insulation material, silicone, traces of paint and etc.;

Type of work

Price per a unit, lei/m2 


Washing of windows, shop-windows

35 standart

Depending on the degree of dirtness and the area

Depending on the degree of dirtiness and the area

Washing of windows, shop-windows

 after repairs

after evaluation