Cleaning of office, shopping and business centers EuroClean-companie de cleaning(curațenie)№1 Moldova,Chișinau

Cleaning of office, shopping and business centers


Our company offers to take advantage of the daily all-inclusive service, which includes the basic cleaning (before/after work time) and supporting cleaning (during the work time). The basic cleaning of the premises allows your employees to start working in a purely cleaned room, and the supporting cleaning will help to quickly solve the minor problems that arose during the day whether it’s a spilled coffee or the need to quickly prepare the office for the next meeting.


When ordering in our company daily cleaning services you withdraw from your budget the following expenses:

  • Direct taxes and payroll taxes and deductions from salary; 
  • indirect receipts taxes and VAT; 
  • Payment of leaves; 
  • Payment of sick leaves, as well as other social payments; 
  • Acquisition of detergents, equipment and other consumable materials, as well as clothing.

The daily cleaning services include:

Wet cleaning of floor coverings:
- washing of hard floors by using specialized chemicals and cleaning equipment
- manual wet cleaning in hard-to-reach places

Cleaning of floor coverings by vacuum cleaner.

Office equipment:
- cleaning of dust from computers (monitors), copying machines, office equipment, telephone sets and faxes

Office furniture (desks, shelves, racks, cupboards, cabinets, etc.)
- wet cleaning
- furniture polishing

Objects with low-level surfaces:
- wet cleaning of free surfaces of window sills and frames
- dry cleaning of floor and table lamps, etc.
- wiping of switches and sockets

Cleaning of vertical surfaces, furniture and doors:
- wet cleaning and polishing

Removal of local impurities from furniture

Glass doors, mirrors and walls:
- wet cleaning and polishing

High-level surfaces:
- wet cleaning of dust

Cleaning of sanitary areas and disinfection:
- daily complex cleaning of toilet rooms
- supply of sanitary areas with consumable materials (toilet paper, liquid soap, deodorizing, disinfection soap for toilet tanks)

Maintaining cleanliness of garbage containers:
- removal of garbage from garbage containers
- replacement of plastic bags in the garbage containers
- taking out of garbage in the street containers

Our company also carries out single general cleaning of any commercial immovable property.