General cleaning of apartments, cottages EuroClean-companie de cleaning(curațenie)№1 Moldova,Chișinau

General cleaning of apartments, cottages

We offer not only the cleaning of offices; the cleaning of dwelling houses and cottages is one of the most important tendencies of our activity. It would seem that why turn to outside help, if it is possible to maintain without any assistance the order in the house?! It is not the same as the daily office cleaning or general cleaning of premises. But those who have ever practiced or are practicing the independent cleaning of the dwelling, know how much effort and time it is required to do it. In addition, it is unlikely that you have at home all the necessary cleaning equipment and effective cleaning detergents. That is, by cleaning the dwelling without any assistance, You cannot achieve the same results, which can be achieved by contacting a cleaning company. Therefore, if You want your apartment or house to be clean not only superficially - our company EuroClean will help you.


The general cleaning may include the following activities:

- wet cleaning of all types of floor: linoleum, ceramic, marble, parquet; 

  • - baseboards washing; 
  • - cleaning of sustainable impurities from water-resistant walls; 
  • - cleaning of dust and impurities from all types of furniture; 
  • - treatment of furniture with polish; 
  • - cleaning of dust and impurities from office equipment and electrical household appliances; 
  • - cleaning of legs of armchairs, tables and chairs; 
  • - vacuum cleaning (vacuum cleaner) of carpeting; 
  • - wet cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces; 
  • - cleaning of dust and impurities from windows frames and sills;
  • - washing of windows on both sides; 
  • - cleaning of dust from cornices; 
  • - removal of dust and cleaning of ventilation openings;
  • - removal of dust from chandeliers and lams;
  • - cleaning of sanitary premises;
  • - cleaning of kitchen.

At any available time the specialists of the company EuroClean, using special equipment and professional cleaning products, will carry out a general cleaning of the premises.

Type of work

Price per a unit, lei/m2 


 General Сleaning

30 - 40

Depending on the degree of dirtiness and the area